TDU Genomics Symposium – 2017

About the Symposium

Recent advancements in DNA sequencing have made enormous contributions to understanding the biology of life forms. Reduced cost and increased speed of DNA sequencing have led to rapid growth of genomics. Functional significance of genomic elements (genes, RNA, proteins, small molecules and phenotype) are still being unravelled in each organism. India being a country having the richest biodiversity hotspots in the world, there is huge scope to decode genomes, understand and harness the biodiversity heritage through functional genomics. Transdisciplinary genomics has made phenomenal discoveries in the biological sciences since last decade. To foster transdisciplinary dialogues in functional genomics, TDU organized a two day “National Symposium on Future of Functional Genomics” by networking with scientists across India.


October 13th-14th, 2017.


  • Brainstorming the future of functional genomics
  • Evolving national network projects
  • Training and capitalizing human resources in India to carry out big data research


  • Advances in functional genomic technologies
  • Applications of functional genomics in medicine, agriculture and environment
  • Big data and bioinformatics

Programme & Speakers

Day 1
Mitali Mukherjee

Mitali Mukherjee Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology

Ayurveda and Traditional Medicine
Title of the Talk: Ayurgenomics for an integrative approach towards precision medicine
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Keshava Prasad

Keshava Prasad Yenepoya University

Title of the Talk: Functional proteometabolomics approaches to discover biomolecular networks
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Srikrishna Subramanian

Srikrishna Subramanian Institute of Microbial Technology

Title of the Talk: The long and the short of microbial genomics and metagenomics
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Thangaraj K

Thangaraj K The Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology

Human Population
Title of the Talk: Burden of recessive diseases in South Asia: population and genomic perspectives
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Balakrishna Pisupati

Balakrishna Pisupati University for Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology

Policy and regulations
Title of the Talk: Emerging Paradigm in policy regulation in genomics

Malali Gowda

Malali Gowda University for Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology

Title of the Talk: Culturomics of microbiome identified limonoids from neem endophytes
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Dinesh A Nagegowda

Dinesh A Nagegowda Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Title of the Talk: Genomics-based exploration of specialized metabolism in medicinal and aromatic plants
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Sanjay Ghosh

Sanjay Ghosh Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology

Title of the Talk: Knockdown of long non-coding RNAs by CRISPR interference
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Lekha T Pazhamala

Lekha T Pazhamala International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

Title of the Talk: Next generation sequencing based transcriptomic studies for pigeonpea improvement
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Arun Kumar K P

Arun Kumar K P Centre for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics

Title of the Talk: Molecular basis of polyphagy and insecticide resistance in agriculture pests
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Upendra Nongthomba

Upendra Nongthomba Indian Institute of Science

Title of the Talk: Functional genomics using small non mammalian model organisms, Danio and Drosophila
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Sheshshayee M S

Sheshshayee M S University of Agricultural Sciences

Title of the Talk: Stable isotopes as powerful surrogates for phenotyping drought adaptive traits: Case study of developing Rice cultivar for semi-irrigated aerobic cultivation
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Reety Arora

Reety Arora National Centre for Biological Sciences

Title of the Talk: Merkel cell polyomavirus – a functional genomics success story
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Ramesha K P

Ramesha K P National Dairy Research Institute

Title of the Talk: Whey proteome variation at different stages of lactation in Maland Gidda (Bos indicus) – dwarf cattle of Western Ghats, India
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Day 2
Sateesh K S

Sateesh K S University for Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology

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Shivaram K R

Shivaram K R Curl Analytics

Title of the Talk: Gene Mapping by sequencing analysis
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Sreejayan Nambiar

Sreejayan Nambiar ion Torrent

Title of the Talk: Ion Torrent: Semiconductor based Next Generation Sequencing technology-Introduction and Applications
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Avid Hussain

Avid Hussain Agilent Technologies

Title of the Talk: Agilent Technologies: One stop solution for Genomics Research
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Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh Premas Life Sciences

Title of the Talk: Next Generation Sequencing: Pushing The Envelope.
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Anantharamanan Rajamani

Anantharamanan Rajamani Rubber Rsesearch Institute of India

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Organizing Committee Members

  • Dr. Malali Gowda, Convener
  • Dr. Sheetal Ambardhar, Secretary
  • Dr. Pavithra N, Member
  • Dr. C N Vishnu Prasad, Member
  • Dr. Hita Unnikrishnan, Member
  • Dr. Venu Seenappa, Member
  • Dr. Mohana Kumar Patel, Member
  • Mr. Vidyashankar, Member
  • Ms. Ashalatha K L, Member
  • Mr. Ravindra Raut, Member

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“The experience of two day symposium cum workshop was memorable and very very effective. The capsule of information generated in the areas of omics was wonderful. Programme was highly satisfactory. Hope next year it will be further excellent.”

Dr. D. N. Das, Principal Scientist (Animal Genetics & Breeding), Dairy Production Section, ICAR National Dairy Research Institute.

“Got some new ideas related to functional genomics. NGS demo by company persons was excellent… but overall time schedule was too tight…”

Lekshmi K. Edison, Research Scholar, Microbiology Division, Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute, Trivandrum.

“First of all, my sincere thanks to the organizers of the “National Symposium on Functional Genomics and NGS workshop”. Integration of Genomics symposium and NGS workshop is an innovative approach which has enlighten us about both current advancements and future scopes of the emerging genomics research with diversified applications in the areas of Life Sciences and Health sciences. The NGS workshop which was a part of the symposium has provided us a clear picture about different NGS platforms and technologies such as Illumina, Ion-torrent, Nanopore, Agilent etc. and their applications in the genomics research. I congratulate the organizers and request them to organize this event in the coming years.”

Syed Fazil Ahamed, PhD student, Division of Infectious Diseases, St. John’s Research Institute, Bangalore.

“This Symposium was beautifully executed to bring together research & practice happening in the field of functional genomics. Presentations which gave ideas of using the genomic data in interdisciplinary areas of life-science, Ayurveda, Dairy etc. were very interesting. I appreciated the panel discussion for future works needs to be done in the field of plant, animal, microbiology and technology. Workshop of genomic data analysis was good & nicely executed. I hope next time the workshop will be more of advance level to analyse genomic data.”

Pramod Purohit, Bioinformatician, Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

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