Implications of a training program on skill development

Why do researchers have to attend the training programs/scientific event? In what way would it be helpful to a researcher?

Authors: Dr. Venu Seenappa,
Assistant Professor, Centre for Functional Genomics & Bio-informatics

Training Program

This is to express my perspectives on benefits of attending the workshop because the training programs would certainly facilitate us to update and improve ourselves with contemporary knowledge and also help in initiating collaborations or new alliance in future with similarly interested team/set of members. In addition, to establish systemic investigations in any research area, exploration of existing evidence and acquiring the lacking practical skills (laboratory/field visit) along with theoretical knowledge is a must. The mentors, resource persons, technology platforms, research study results or review and suggestions on reading materials are the important components involved in any scientific events. In many universities, the short-term training programs are designed in such a way that will definitely provide a glimpse of skills set to be focused by a participant in the projected program, based on their interest they can practice self or can undergo long-term programs.

There is a huge lacuna exist in the skills set of many researchers, which make them one step back in designing their experiments and delivering their research objectives. Because skill set is the key ingredient of any researcher which makes them unique and more successful in their career. Getting hands-on training in advanced technology platforms might be one of the ways to get skilled. Similarly, getting trained on communication skills or scientific writing will definitely help us to write an effective research proposal. Further to add, to publish any scientific article, the fundamental element we should have is highly competitive hypothesis converted to the research proposal, where our scientific writing skill set will help us.

Yes, of course, we should not forget that any training will be of no use unless we practice on a regular basis. Keeping these notes we at TDU initiated many training programs designed from the learner perspective considering the contemporary knowledge, relevance to the existing research and industry requisites. By doing these events we also undergo self-learning activity.

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  1. Latika

    I have read about the training programs you have conducted recently, and am impressed at the outcomes. I hope to see more such programs from you in the future months, and wish you much success.

  2. Hello,

    Genomics/Bioinformatics Training programs at TDU are in auto-mode status and created GENOMICS HUB in BENGALURU. My team transform anyone within SIX DAYS time !!!

    We trained over 200 participants (faculty/technicians/postdoc, PhD students/MSc students/B.Sc students) across India since 6 months. This is really creating a trained/skilled people in the areas of Genomics and Bioinformatics in India.

    Future jobs in Genomics and Bioinformatics, look at the next TRAINING Program at TDU and JOIN this event in June, 2018.


  3. Yes, you are Right that any training program is incomplete without practice and self-learning activity.

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