Whole Genome Sequencing

TDU in collaboration with BGC has successfully completed the workshop on Whole Genome Sequencing and Analysis.

Authors: Santosh Hegde,
Intern, Centre for Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics

whole genome sequencing

The field of Genomics is becoming more and more advanced in modern science era. Nowadays, the fusion of computer science, biology, mathematics and statistics is more likely to be happening. Also, the new technologies have made sequencing of whole genome easier and cheaper with more accuracy. The advent of low cost and high accuracy of whole genome sequencing has led many global researchers and many health organizations to implement this facility. Now, the whole world is concentrating on the field of Genomics and Bioinformatics. Many issues in human diseases have greater solution in genomics or by analyzing of genomic data through bioinformatics. We are moving now towards fourth generation sequencing; so that the whole genome sequencing can be done in very short period of time.

This enables many scientists, students, faculties, researchers to carry out more research on this area. Further, it requires good technical skills in sequencing as well as in analyzing the huge amount of data produced by genome sequencing.

TDU-BGC organized a workshop on Whole Genome Sequencing

Considering the above context, The University of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology, in collaboration with Bengaluru Genomics Center (BGC) organized a workshop on “Whole Genome Sequencing” at TDU Campus from March 12 to 16, 2018. This workshop highlighted the emerging landscape of worldwide organizations and researchers involved in applying sequencing technologies for screening populations based on their genetic makeup. Participants from different organizations, Universities, industries and individuals from existing research collaborations registered for this workshop.

From the workshop, it was apparent that adoption of genomic technologies paved way for the participants to handle the next generation sequencing technologies like Illumina, Nanopore which completes the smaller and long read sequencing technologies. The training also did include DNA isolation, library preparation and sequencing run. The participants were also trained to analyze the Big Data generated by these sequencing technologies. Many speakers and experts from various Universities, Industries joined to enhance the program.

The workshop concluded with considerable momentum directed at collaboration across organizations and Industries.

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  1. Malali Gowda

    Dear TDU Genomics Team !!!

    Keep doing the good work. Well done, Congrats to all

    Spread the Transcriptome program to all.



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