Why MSc in Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics?

Author: Dr. Venu Seenappa,
Assistant Professor,
Centre for Functional Genomics & Bio-informatics

I believe the knowledge emerged from the genetic studies during Mendelian time is the actual era of biological science where researchers started looking each life forms in different angle. Further, in last two decades the informatics branch combined with biology and emerged as bioinformatics leading to a different area of research and scope.

The reason I am stating above sentences is because the Bioinformatics and Genomics interconnect scientists from different fields such as, cell & molecular biology, computer science, genetics, biomedical instrumentation etc. The outcome of interconnecting scientists from these two broad areas resulted in success of the mega projects such as Human genome project. This combination ultimately helped us in developing medicines, designing diagnostic markers, early prediction of diseases and many more. The genomics and bioinformatics is not restricted to only human biology, it is also helped us in decoding the genetic makeup of many plant species and other life forms too.

There are many other projects taken to identify the arrangement of nucleotide sequence in the plant species, where it is sequenced, aligned and annotated using genomic technology and informatics application. By applying this knowledge at present there are many plant varieties are in the market and also in the field. There are many plant varieties were developed to produce more yields by utilizing the genomic information. Understanding coding part of a genome by studying regulation at transcript level, protein level and at metabolite level will help us to unravel the function of the specific loci of a chromosome. More importantly the recent accumulating evidences suggested us the non-coding part of the genome is also an important part involved in many regulatory event through synthesizing small RNA and long non coding RNA.

So keeping this in view we have initiated MSc program in Biological sciences (Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics by Research) at TDU. This program will provide an insight into basic understanding of concepts on functional genomics and bioinformatics. Further, bioinformatics part will help the students in data acquisition and their analysis from genomics and proteomics perspective.

Please e-mail to tdu.genomics@tdu.edu.in for details on this MSc Program.

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